What did nupur Sharma say?

What did nupur Sharma say?

Nupur Sharma, an Indian former spokeswoman, is ruling a political party. Whose remarked on holy prophet Muhammad and His wife Ayesha, due to considerable protest triggered in a diplomatic row. She ought to apologize,

The nation court said

“Nupur Sharma ‘s loose tongue setted the country on fire. “

“The supreme court said, ” this lady is the only one responsible for this country’s loss. ” She should apologize In Front of the whole Nation.

” Top court of India”Nupur Sharma must apologize for prophet Muhammad’s remarks because it’s a shameful act. Nupur Sharma is spreading Islamophobia. These remarks had forced BJP into damage control.

She was kicked out of the party just because of these remarks. Even Indians are standing against Nupur Sharma. Because every religion says, don’t insult any other religions and don’t spread any phobia about religions.

Nupur Sharma’s comment on prophet Muhammad PBUH

This type of Islamic phobia started in a series of communal incidents throughout the world, Nupur Sharma commented. ATB debate during an interview in Qatar. She allegedly insulted the Holy prophet (PHUB). She made very derogatory comments about the prophet and Quranic verses. As she is arrogant toward Muhammad (PBUH), she should be hung. The punishment of that person is written in hadees.

من سب نبيا فاقتلوه.

(الشفا بتعريف حقوق المصطفى القسم الرابع. الباب الأول، الفصل الثالث صفحہ 11)

What exactly Nupur said about the prophet?

Nupur Sharma used to be a spokesperson for BJP. BJP’s policy includes respecting all religions, but she spoke severely about Prophet Muhammad and his wife, Ayesha Bibi. This very disrespectful term shows she badly ignored the post policy. According to BJP, she never spoke carefully and went against Islam; her words demonstrated scorn for Islam. Who is against the stance of the BJP public?

Nupur sharma statement

On Friday, the Delhi police said that Nupur Sharma member of the BJP, had already joined the investigation and recorded her statement that she hurt Muslims. The supreme court talked about Nupur Sharma and said her burst tongue is responsible for the Udaipur unfortunate incident, where a trailer had been killed.

Futur, the court blamed the suspended BJP leader for making her loose tongue set the entire country on fire, and she is responsible for the trauma happening in the country.

Justice Surya Kant JB pardiwala slammed Nupur Sharma for her wrong statement during the News channel debate and the Udaipur incident, where two men were killed. These all incidents were made just because of Nupur Sharma.

The apex court also declined Nupur Sharma’s request to transfer the case to Delhi of all registered FIR against her across the country for her statements on Muhammad (PBUH) and allowed her to withdraw from the top court.

In the rejection of Nupur Sharma’s request to transfer the FIR to Delhi investigation, they said to maninder Singh, No, Mr. Singh, the court is satisfied to transfer these FIR to Delhi. We can’t bring it there according to the law. The senior advocate Mr.Singh who was looking after the Nupur Sharma case withdrew the plea.

The bench also looked at the grim view of that News channel for judging the discussion on the Gyanvapi case where Nupur Sharma was a guest; she made controversial remarks on Muhammad (PBUH).

Nupur Sharma comments on Muhammad’s English translation

A video clip where Nupur Sharma was using wrong words about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was shared on Twitter by Mohammed Zubair of Alt News. When Nupur Sharma saw this post, she commented that he was spreading violence. Nupur Sharma tagged the Delhi police in a tweet and talked against Zubair, saying he was spreading false information. She also said she and her entire family received threats. As a result of her statement, a lot of tickets were cut against her. The country’s situation worsened when BJP’S media head Naveen Kumar Jindal also commented bad words on Muhammad (PBUH) in a tweet.

BJP’S Nupur Sharma commented against Muhammad (PBUH)

India pushed into a diplomatic maelstrom when BJP’S Nupur Sharma commented against Muhammad (PBUH).many experts said this condemnation would not change the Hindu national party’s ideology but may get many warnings to followers who spread hate.

With the controversial remarks made by BJP, India was caught in a diplomatic storm. Spokeswoman Nupur Sharma’s remarks about Muhammad (PBUH). These remarks were spoken during. ATV news channel in late May. More than a dozen Islamic nations drew widespread condemnation, forcing BJP to suspend this lady, as she doesn’t even know the party’s rules and regulations. The BJP said they respect all religions. The parties accused India’s prime minister “Narendra Modi” of damaging India internationally by allowing such comments. But soon, other BJP leaders also started hate speeches. A 37-year-old party’s hardline member said it’s the humiliation that the Indian government is under pressure from the Muslim world.

BJP spokesperson nupur sharma

Nupur Sharma is the national spokesperson of the BJP. Her loose tongue made a nasty comment on the Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the Live TV News channel and was kicked out of the party. Because it was not spreading Islamic phobia in India and the entire Muslim world. She studied at Delhi university and was involved with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).In 2k8, she became president of the RSS organization and also appeared on News channels. From the school of economics, she did a master’s in law.

Top courts said, It never suits any party members to defect to BJP leaders to visit courts for relief. Because from the entire Nation, she got FIRs. As she spoke nasty remarks about Muhammad(PBUH). In subsequent events, should know how to ensure that the petitioner can seek alternately. On 1 July, the court refused to take action to relieve her. They said her “loose tongue” is responsible for all the unfortunate incidents and will be in court on 10 August. She is also responsible for the tailer’s death and many other citizens. She would never get bail or relief.

قال حضرة محمد (عليه الصلاة والسلام)

“عذاب الرسول الوقح في عهد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كانت المرأة وقحة على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فقتل زوجها تلك المرأة.  قال صلى الله عليه وسلم: “على الأشهدوة والمهايد ، اسمعوا ، وتأكدوا أن دم هذه المرأة باطل”.

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