The High Islamic Council of Mali Declare Qadianis As Non Muslims

The High Islamic Council of Mali

The Qadiani Jamaat, on August 9th, the big international news came out in which a meeting of the supreme council of scholars of Mali, a country in Africa, was held and what is happening today is related to the Qadiani Jamaat. Narrated the event, “Is there a group of Muslims, or is it a group of non-Muslims? Then there are the Urdu scholars who are the Supreme Council. They declared this as a rule. This council declared that the Qadiani Jama’at is non-Muslim because of its infidel beliefs.” Whether he is a kafir or not, they have nothing to do with Islam. That circle is excluded from Islam,

Fatwa about Qadianis is Non-Muslim.

Above which is a minute press gallery. In the fatwa that was issued, which also referred to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani’s book and his various claims, the important thing is that this police vehicle he gave also mentions Pakistan. I think Pakistan deserves to be congratulated on this because Pakistan is the country where the Qadianis were first declared as infidels constitutionally, and within the fatwa within this race, there is no mention of anyone. Qadianis were displayed as non-Muslims, and Qadianis were announced non-Muslims by the Muslim League. I think that this is massive news for the entire Muslim Ummah. By taking advantage of the poverty in African countries, the Qadiani are deceiving them in the name of Islam and converting them to Islam in the name of Islam, who are non-religious but Qadiani.

Taking the name of Qadianism, the people there will not even know about Qadiani, their hunger and poverty, and they are taking advantage of the type of tricks that are theirs. I think this is about Africa.

Demands of the Supreme Council of Ulemas.

This fatwa that has come out will prove to be very important, and in it, the Supreme Council of Ulemas on Ahmadiyya has also put forward a few demands, and it is Maliki as they have said that they said to these people. They are entirely away from this group, as in other Muslim countries; people stay away from their homes and avoid it. I think that such decisions are significant, and what has been done by other African countries will have an impact here. I congratulate the Ulema Council of Mali, and I think that’s what. We get to hear some happy news about the efforts of the martyrs of the end of Prophethood in 1953, and before and till today, and for their martyrdom, it is being understood that Qadianism is humiliated and humiliated all over the world. Disgrace is happening. Once again, congratulate the Muslim Ummah, especially the Ulama Council of Mali.

Are Ahmadi and Qadiani the same?

For the Islamic movement, Ahmadi and Qadiani are different names. The founder of the Ahmadi Movement was Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib. The Ahmadi believes that all the people who really ‘Kalimah-al-e-Tayyibah’ are Muslim. Irrespective, the sect they belong to did not take the pledge of the founder of Ahmadi. The denomination of Ahmadi believes that being a mujahid is a sin. However, no one is thrown out of Islam, and no one becomes Kafir if he has sinned.

The headquarters of the Ahmadi sect is in Pakistan.

There is a prophecy of a spiritual former with two titles in Islam in the latter days. Whereas one is Mahdi and another is Promised, Messiah.

While, Ahmadi Muslims believe that both titles belong to one person, subservient to Holy Prophet Muhammad. They have full arguments for themselves.

In 1908 after the date of the Ahmadi Promise, Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, a khilafat system was started. [as per prophecy of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)].

They went to Lahore when Khilafat was not needed; their office remained in Qadian Indian.

Both of these types are called Ahmadis because their founder gave this community name as Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Who are Ahmadi Muslims?

Ahmadi Muslims are those who do not have faith in Khalifah.

Who does not call themselves Qadiani?

Who has faith in their founder?

Did Pakistan Declare Ahmadis Non-Muslim?

In Lahore September 14th 2015, it is said they follow the Quran’s teaching to respect Muhammad (PBUH) and face Mecca while offering prayers. But still, due to some additional thoughts of Qadiani, they are considered as Non-Muslim in Pakistan, what one leader described they suffer as “egregious and ongoing” persecution.

Why are Ahmadis hated so much? Because of their theology.

As the Ahmadi Muslim community found in 1889 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed that he came as a massage or Mehdi at the end time to guide the people and back them to the true path, this is not very respectful to Muslims who believe that Muhammad was the last prophet of Islam. Even mostly traditional Muslims believe that Ahmadi is a non-Muslim.

In Pakistan, a large population of Ahmadi are present worldwide; 2 to 4 million Ahmadi are present. Pakistan adopted the law in 1974 that Ahmadi is not Muslim. They are not allowed to worship mosques because they may not attend the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, as they have created their place to pilgrimage.

The Ahmadi are minimized in elections, and for applying for national ID and passport, all Pakistan took an oath to accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and affirming that Ahmadis are non-Muslim.

The nature of Ahmadi’s is different and unbelievable.

The beliefs of Ahmadis are controversial, but I won’t say them down. This is a wrong belief, and no one is free to accept this.

The US government raised a concern about the plight of the Ahmadis with Pakistani officials. Just due to not considering the Ahmadi or Qadiani Muslim, the US thought the Pakistan worst situation in the world for religious freedom.”

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